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Pathways to Recovery (ESP) Book, Workbook & DVD

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Autism: Pathways To Recovery - Book, Workbook, and DVD

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The concept of this book is to explain the program in laymen's terms so that anyone can understand the "why" behind the symptoms. Understanding the science allows you to make specific choices for your child and their individualized pathway to recovery. This book encompasses revised and updated content contained in Dr. Yasko's previous book The Puzzle of Autism including information from her power point presentations and the thousands of post that she has authored from her online discussion group over the years. The goal was to create a comprehensive and easily readable work that walks you through the protocol in a more organized fashion. 


Customer Reviews

A true skeptic is now a true believer Review by A.L.H.
To be honest, I was extremely hesitant to purchase this book. I am a traditional, western trained medical provider who avoids work published by alternative health providers. But, I have always felt that the diagnosis of "Autism" was simply a term used for a collection of symptoms, rather than a true diagnosis and that we in the medical profession had missed something crucial in allowing these children to be labeled and simply dismissed. I have always believed that autism is an inborn error of metabolism, much like PKU or cystic fibrosis and that toxic accumulation was the source for this constellation of symptoms, at least in regressive cases. How sad that we have largely ignored this possibility in traditional medicine, and in doing so, have thrown away so many lives who might have had a chance at recovery.
Much like a child with diabetes is not "cured" with insulin and dietary changes, those with autism are not "cured" by biomedical intervention. However, in having these treatments, so many of these children may go on to live healthy, functional, and independent lives; studying in "normal" schools, enjoying friendship and close family bonds, and so many might have successful careers, thus giving back to society rather than being a burden in some cases.
I have heard and read many different theories as to the cause of autism but Dr. Amy Yasko PHD has illustrated such a resoundingly credible theory in weaving together the myriad complexities of this neuroimmune disorder that I was absolutely astounded. And yet in retrospect, it is so patently obvious when one considers biochemistry, immunology, genetics, and toxicology--many of which are subjects of intense yet brief study in the pursuit of a medical degree. It truly takes an academician in such exceedingly broad, esoteric fields of study to grasp something this complex while making it appear so simple. Autism appears to be the perfect storm and Yasko expounds upon all of the known and possible contributing factors in a cogent, plausible format while utilizing her formidable scientific background. And make no mistake about this, she appears to be a scientist first and foremost.
Furthermore, it is a rare gift to have the ability to comprehend a scientists's academic knowledge while also applying this in clinical practice. Many long for this ability while only the lucky few have this capacity for in-depth knowledge and application. I am truly pleased at having received this education and as the field of Autism expands and evolves, I hope that more traditional and nontraditional practitioners will have the ability to receive emerging research and accept the fact that we don't know, what we don't know. In doing so, we may recover more of these lost children.
I highly recommend Dr. Yasko's book for parents, physicians, clnicians, and professionals practing in or studying the field of Autism. It was an informative account of just how thoroughly "Genetics load the gun and the environment pulls the trigger".

(Posted on 9/13/2010)
Great for new parents Review by MN family
This is book is in valuable for parents trying to understand what the Yasko protocol is, why it works and how to implement it. Thanks Dr. Amy! (Posted on 8/15/2010)
Amy's new book Review by mikesdad
Finally, a book by dr. yasko that is on my level of comprehension! Half way through, but so far I understand each step that I need to take. thanks amy! (Posted on 3/22/2010)

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