Why do you need the basics?

"Supporting your methylation cycle is extremely important regardless of your health. Generally people will run the nutrigenomic (DNA) test before starting supplementation to support their methylation cycle. This is a common misconception as an individual’s methylation cycle can be supported with or without their genetic information. Please give yourself the gift of methylation and take a few essential supplements to support your own methylation cycle!

At a bare minimum please try to take one to two (1-2) All in One daily, along with a few sprays of BeCalm (at night) and a couple sprays of Black Bear (in the morning). By using these supplements you will, at the very least, have some basic support for your methylation cycle. These three simple supplements may help anyone at least have minimal support to help prolong life in a healthy manner. A recent article shows that proper methylation prolongs life, lowering ALL CAUSE mortality. In other words, no matter what you will eventually pass away from, you will live longer if methylation is functioning properly! This is a pivotal article in realizing how critical even minimal support is for EVERY single person." View Article Here


Why choose these supplements?

"I have been working on this new custom general vitamin formulation called All in One for several years. The ingredients in this general vitamin take into account the imbalances I have seen on thousands of tests for over a decade. I truly believe this vitamin will help to lay basic methylation support for essentially everyone, even those who have not run nutrigenomic testing.

The BeCalm spray is sprayed directly in the mouth and this may help with oral absorption, which is especially important for those with leaky gut / gut issues.  BeCalm spray is designed to help balance excess glutamate with the calming ingredient called GABA. Glutamate is part of the group of compounds called excitotoxins, which can over excite nerves to death. In addition, BeCalm serves as a low dose source of nutritional lithium which is important to aid in B12 transport into the system.  If you are not familiar with the balance of Glutamate and GABA and the importance of its role in proper methylation, please see our Companion Guide, coming soon.

Black Bear Energy spray, like the BeCalm, has the advantage of being administered orally.  It contains a mixture of minerals and B12.  This spray uses a blend of two special forms of B12, Hydroxyl and Adenosyl B12. These two special forms of B12 are well tolerated by most individuals, unlike methyl B12 which can cause some to feel jittery or shaky or cyano B12 which is a source of cyanide. It also includes a mineral blend containing molybdenum, a mineral which helps the body process toxic sulfites, dairy and alcohol. 


The use of these three products helps to support basic methylation in the body. This is critically important and methylation has recently been found to support longevity and to reduce all causes of mortality. All of us need to be thinking about methylation!"


-With love, hope & a hug,

Dr. Amy Yasko 




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