Sulfate Test Strips (Perishable)

Sulfate Test Strips (Perishable)
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100 Test Strips

Sulfate (SO42-) Test--EM Quant

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100 Test Strips
Sulfate (SO42-) Test--EM Quant Brief instructions for use:
1. Immerse the reaction zone in the solution (pH 4-8) for 1 second (not in running water).
2, Shake off excess liquid from the strip.
3. After two minutes compare color pattern of the reaction zones with the color rows on label and read off result.
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I'm glad to have it around
the price is a bit of a shock but this is nearly 2 years of testing. It's easy to use and a great help in letting me know where my sulfur load is as well as what I'm doing right and wrong.

It helps not only with managing sulfurs but also keeping a more stable INR.

I definitely recomend it to anyone with sulfur sensitivity.
Review by bluegranite63 / (Posted on 2/28/2014)


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