A Complete Series of Lectures By Dr. Amy Yasko

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A Complete Series of Lectures By Dr. Amy Yasko
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This three disc set features a series of hand-selected lectures by Dr. Amy Yasko from her recent conferences.

Run Time: 13 1/2 hours





This NEW three disc set features a selection of lectures by Dr. Amy Yasko from her recent conferences.The presentations are in an easy viewing format with enlarged slides to enhance the viewer’s experience.

Discs can only be viewed in a computer and are not intended for DVD players.

Disc 1:

Methylation and Mutations

  • Part 1: Understanding Methylation & The Role of Epigenetics
  • Part 2: Understanding Methylation & The Role of Epigenetics Cont.
  • Part 3: Understanding Mutations & The Importance of B12
  • Part 4: The Role of MTR, MTRR, MTHFR & CBS
  • Part 5: The Role of BHMT, SHMT, ACAT, AHCY & MAO A

Methylation and Mutations: Dopamine 

  • Part 1: COMT Function
  • Part 2: VDR Function & The Importance of Vitamin D

Disc 2:

Finding More Pieces to the Puzzle

  • Part 1: Methylation Cycle Mutations, Role of Lithium
  • Part 2: Role of Lithium Cont., Increased Glutamate Receptors
  • Part 3: Increased Glutamate Receptors Cont., Potassium/Rubidium
  • Part 4: Chronic Bacterial Infections, H.Pylori in Particular
  • Part 5: Chronic Viral Infections, Rotovirus, Heavy Metal Burden
  • Part 6: Heavy Metal Burden Cont., HLA Type, Relationship to Asthma, DPT Vaccine

Supplements to Help Address Gut Imbalances  (one part only)

Disc 3:

Role of Ion Transport Part 

  • Part 1: The Importance of Methylation & Epigenetics
  • Part 2: CFTR Function
  • Part 3: CFTR Function Cont.
  • Part 4: Glutamate, CFTR
  • Part 5: Looking into H. Pylori

Toxic Metals, Microbes, Mitochondria

  • Part 1: Impact of Toxic Metals on Mitochondria
  • Part 2: Effects of Aluminum & other Heavy Metals 


Total Run Time: 13 HRS 30 MIN

Computer Disc: Not Intended for DVD Player

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