ACE + .8 oz (24ml)

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ACE + .8 oz (24ml)
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Liquid Nucleotide Blend
.8 oz (24ML)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Serving Size 1/6 dropper (.25ml)
Servings per Container 96
Other Ingredients

Water, RNA nucleotides


Nutrition Facts

Calories 0 Calories from Fat 0
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 0g
Total Carbohydrates 0g
Protein 0g


Description of SNP ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme): Changes can occur that affect the activity of the ACE gene that can lead to elevated blood pressure. In animal studies imbalances in this pathway were also correlated with increased anxiety and decreases in learning and memory. Increased ACE activity can also throw off the essential mineral balance in your system due to decreased excretion of sodium in the urine and increased excretion of potassium in the urine. This reaction is also tied to the stress response such that situations of chronic stress can result in additional sodium retention and increased potassium excretion. This excess potassium is excreted provided that the kidneys are functioning properly. In the event that kidney function is compromised, it can lead to the retention of potassium in the body. ACE is a deletion, it is not a SNP. As a consequence it does not associate in the same manner that the other single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) on this panel do, so the inheritance pattern of the ACE deletion may not distribute in the same manner as single base changes.

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Heterozygous for ACE
I have been using the ACE RNA product for a few months now. I have elevated anxiety and get frustrated and irritated often. I am also homozygous MAO-A which only makes these symptoms worse. I take ACE RNA drops in the morning and whenever I feel the symptoms and in about 20 mins I feel better. I take about 4 drops, more if symptoms are really bad. With regular dosage I am less and less anxious and the symptoms are under control. I highly recommend this product for anyone with heterozygous/homozygous ACE+. Also read up on Dr. Amy's methylation cycle explanations and other PDF's.
Review by Karthik / (Posted on 7/22/2015)
i always have elevated ACE levels when i get my blood tested but no one has ever tested me genetically for this
Review by denise / (Posted on 1/6/2015)