AutismOne & COVID-19



Hello Everyone, 
Taking the updated CDC guidelines into consideration, I feel it is my responsibility to cancel my appearance scheduled for AutismOne this May. At this time, events have been banned through May 16th and since the start date of AutismOne is extremely close to the 16th, I am simply not comfortable waiting until May to make this formal decision. 
I recognize that many attendees and presenters need to travel to reach the location of AutismOne and I understand that is either not possible nor desirable due to the current state of this pandemic. Furthermore, according to the new CDC guidelines, the events of greatest concern are those that require individuals to travel to reach the event or/and events that may include individuals with less than ideal immune systems. In my personal opinion, both criteria apply to the main population planning to attend AutismOne. 
I feel that AutismOne is a laudable event with a wonderful message and intent. As such, I am not disparaging or dissuading anyone who chooses to attend AutismOne, nor am I suggesting that any other presenters need to make this choice. Please know this is simply a personal decision on my part, guided by my own beliefs that I feel I need to follow. I have struggled with this decision but after the new guidelines were released this week, I have come to the conclusion that I need to follow my heart and my gut on this.
I hope you all can understand my decision comes from a place of caring for others. I choose to approach my work with an emphasis on erring on the side of caution with careful, slow, measured and well considered choices. Since my research and my protocol revolve around The Methylation Cycle and imbalances in those pathways, and where Methylation plays a large role in the immune response, I am choosing to approach this global health pandemic with an extreme degree of caution. Moving forward, I hope we can all work together as a community. I hope that we can all stay safe and well informed (focused on facts not fear) as this continues to unfold.  
With Love, Hope, & Health for All,
Dr. Amy