Concerning the Metabolic Analysis Profile (also referred to as a "MAP")

What type of sample is needed?


How long do results take to come back from the lab?

     At least 3 weeks in most cases.

Can this test be performed internationally?


Is shipping the sample included in the cost of the kit?

     -If you reside in the US- prepaid FedEx Priority Overnight shipping materials are included.

     -If you reside in Canada- prepaid FedEx shipping materials are included. 

     -If you reside in any other country- shipping costs are your responsibility. If you have access to dry ice- this would be the best way to ship the sample; make sure to mark your requisition form stating that you shipped the sample on dry ice. If you do not have access to dry ice, consider adding extra ice packs into the cooler and place the small cooler into a larger cooler with even more frozen ice packs.  We suggest although the instructions state to freeze the sample for a minimum of 2 hours, to freeze for at least 6 hours if possible. The sample must arrive within 4 days of collection and be cool to the touch or it will be cancelled by the lab.

     -When shipping via Fedex, DHL, etc, send sample to:

Lab Support

Genova Diagnostics

63 Zillicoa St

Asheville, NC 28817

phone: 828-253-0621

Does the kit come with an ice brick?


How will the results be provided?

     Results will be emailed on a secure email platform. 

Can a print-out version of the results be requested?

     No. You may print out the results once you receive them.

Will Dr. Amy personally review my results?

     Yes, results of the Metabolic Analysis Profile Test are personally reviewed and commented on by Dr. Amy.

Can I get my results back before Dr. Amy comments on them?

     No. Results are only emailed after Dr. Amy reviews and comments on them.

Do I need to stop taking supplements before collecting the urine sample?

     No. Keep taking the supplements you are currently taking- as directed by your health care professional.

How can I find a practitioner in my area to discuss my results with?

     If you are looking for a knowledgeable professional in your area or one to work remotely with- please utilize our discussion group on ask (post your question) under the ‘Resources and Groups by Area’ topic.

Is there someone at the office I can call to go over my results with?

     No. Please utilize our discussion group on Dr. Amy or one of our moderators will help to guide you there.

Will my insurance cover this test?

     Any attempt at reimbursement for this test through your insurance company lies solely on the customer.

How can I learn more about this test?

     To learn more about this test, log onto