MAO A + .8 oz (24ml)

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MAO A + .8 oz (24ml)
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Liquid Nucleotide Blend
.8 oz (24ML)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Serving Size 1/6 dropper (.25ml)
Servings per Container 96
Other Ingredients

Water, RNA nucleotides.


Nutrition Facts

Calories 0 Calories from Fat 0
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 0g
Total Carbohydrates 0g
Protein 0g


Description of SNP MAO A (monamine oxidase A): MaoA is involved in the breakdown of serotonin in the body. Like dopamine, serotonin is another neurotransmitter in the body. It is involved with mood, and imbalances in serotonin levels have been associated with depression, aggression, anxiety and OCD behavior. Since Mao A is inherited with the X chromosome and is considered a dependent trait it may not show standard inheritance characteristics in males. Since the X chromosome in males can only come from the mother, this means that the fathers Mao A mutations (or lack there of) does not play a role in their son’s Mao A status. For females, since one X chromosome is inherited from each parent, the genetics tend to reflect the Mao A status of both parents.

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Night and Day
I'm CBS++ and MAO+-. CBS++ is not good by itself, but being MAO+- made life almost unbearable. I have been anxious my whole life. The irritably got really bad over the last 10 years. Dr. just added MAO in about 3 weeks ago. I couldn't believe what a difference it has made and how quickly. I feel like a different person. I wish the RNAs weren't so expensive, but I'm grateful to have a tool that really makes a difference.
Review by Kay / (Posted on 8/6/2018)
Adrenaline spikes are gone and emotional state improved
Really helped me out coping with anxiety and adrenaline spikes I was getting at every step (my nervous system is high wire).
I've finished the bottle and ordering another one.
I'm not only addressing one mutation but many and working on the leaky gut and CFS, MTHFR, CBS, COMT+
We need to address all the layers so progress can be made or else we remain in the same place and once the drops are finished symptoms come back.
Because I'm addressing the other mutations and working on the steps I can see that I don't need so much this product and just use it when and as needed.
I don't get the adrenaline spikes anymore and can handle situations with less dispair. I still shigh a lot if I haven't taken it for few days but is more manageble since I started.
Review by Catalina Mihaela / (Posted on 9/12/2017)
Great therapeutic value, unsympathetic pricing - especially in context of lifelong maintenance dosaging
These RNA drops works, let there be no doubt about it.
However, the pricing is too high for regular middleclass people for it to be a viable option in the long run.
Review by Vikingdude / (Posted on 1/5/2016)
Very helpful
Really helps my daughter & myself maintain emotional equilibrium. We can really tell if we miss a day!
Review by H / (Posted on 10/12/2014)
one of my 3 must-have RNAS
I am doing "Yasko On a Shoestring" this year, and MAO is one supp. we can't live without. It has had the most impact of anything else on reducing my son's PMS-type mood swings, anxiety, and general irrational oversensitivity to life.

We took it out for a couple of weeks just to see if we could live without it, and to see if my observations were real- after 2 weeks I had to have a bottle express mailed because the PMSing returned with a vengeance.

My guy is MAO ++ but ACE -- so this RNA really evens him out. Highly reccomended for MAO+s !
Review by Becky / (Posted on 8/21/2010)