Director of Communications & Public Relations

     My name is Cassandra, but most people call me Cassie or Cass. In addition to working at Holistic Health International, I also work at Ed & Dr. Amy’s other company, Black Bear Energy. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing community that makes a difference in the lives of others. I think it is extremely humbling to have a profession where the intention behind the daily work is to help others. My hope is that I can expand Holistic Health & Black Bear to more people, introducing them to the healthy alternatives both companies have to offer that supplement wellbeing.

     Aside from working as Director of Communications & Public Relations for both companies, I am also a Yoga Instructor & Dance Teacher. After receiving an AA in Dance Performance, I went on to complete my BA with a dual degree in Dance & Health. While completing my BA I also became a Certified Yoga Instructor, continuing my educational studies years hence in Yoga Specialization. Dance was my first real passion with Yoga following shortly behind; both guided me into the person I am today. I love helping people find joy through movement, particularly working with children to enrich their sense of balance (both physically & mentally) at a young age. I’ve written articles about the important subject matter of how Dance & Yoga can positively influence our lives. I think it’s amazing how many healing opportunities they both have to offer; whether the healing is related to mental health recovery or physical therapy to an injury.

     I was born in Connecticut & lived there until I was about five when my parents moved my siblings & me to Maine. Pretty much all of my childhood memories take place after we moved to Maine, or the years prior when we would vacation in Bethel for skiing. During my college years I resided in New York, Montana, & various locations in Massachusetts but no where felt like home. In 2016 I finally moved back to Maine permanently, settling down with my husband & our two dogs.