Office Manager

    My name is Christine, but most people call me Chrissy or Chris. I grew up right here in Maine about two miles from the current location of our office. I have been working with Holistic Health International since December 1999, I have memories of their Newfoundland Linnea keeping us company most days. Our first office location was right in the center of town by the railroad tracks, Amy & Ed’s daughters would look out the window & count the cars going by. Getting to see Ed & Amy’s daughters grow into the amazing women they are has been a joy.

     I will be married to my husband for 35 years this Valentine’s day, 2019. I’m blessed to have married such a wonderful man. We own & operate a dairy farm that has been in his family for 192 years. I always say he is married to the farm first then to me, it is in his blood & is truly his passion, I have always loved animals so it’s a perfect match. My biggest joy is my family, we were blessed with two wonderful daughters (34 years old & 30 years old) & one granddaughter (4 years old). We are very lucky to have both our daughters living here in Bethel & help on the farm as their time allows. I have always been thankful that they were able to grow up on the farm, it truly is a different type of a childhood; you work hard & you just don’t seem to mind as you know how important it is.

    Maine is where I grew up & most of my family is here. I moved to Florida for 8 months after high school, but I came back. While I enjoyed the sun & beaches, you can’t beat being with family, the mountains, & our four seasons. I love summer with the smell of fresh cut hay, watching the cows walk out of the barn for the first time each spring, going to the water, putting my feet in the sand, relaxing with family & friends, campfires & watching for shooting stars brings memories of my childhood.

     I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Holistic Health. After being with our town’s local pharmacy for 17 years it closed & I was in search for another job. I have always been a person who likes to help others, my grandmother told me years ago that I should be a nurse & I actually worked as a CNA for a bit & loved the residents. So while I had a few options, this one was the perfect fit. Knowing that what we do has a wonderful effect on so many people is amazing. To witness the improvements they are experiencing personally or for their child makes coming into to work each day a pleasure, it makes me happy to know I’m a small part in their journey. We are always looking for more ways to help, to make things better & easier for others.