Order Fulfillment Assistant

     My name is Chuck & I grew up in Pennsylvania; I had a friend that had moved to Maine & after coming to visit a few times, I decided Maine was where I wanted to be. I enjoy the quiet & peaceful area we live in, being outdoors, & enjoying most outdoor activities. My wife & I have been married for three years & have 4 children, ages 19, 25, 26, & 28 (three daughters & one son). We also have 1 grandson who is 5 years old.

     I began working at Holistic Health International at the start of 2019. I had been an auto mechanic for 30+ years & I was ready for a change. I knew about Holistic Health through other employees & felt that this company was doing some amazing things. I was recommended by other employees & was then offered the opportunity to work at this company. I really enjoy learning about the specific products along with the small family oriented atmosphere.