"I have been working on this new custom general vitamin formulation called All In One for several years. The ingredients in this general vitamin take into account the imbalances I have seen on thousands of tests for over a decade. I truly believe this vitamin will help to lay the nutritional groundwork for essentially everyone on this program. For some, all that may be needed is this general vitamin. For others the general vitamin may be a part of a larger supplement plan. Finally, for those who have reached step 3 of a long marathon to health, the All in One general vitamin may help to limit a number of individual supplements to streamline a long term nutritional plan that does not compromise progress made on this marathon to health. The All in One general vitamin has VERY LOW dose supports for the methylation cycle. This is not enough to trigger detox, but enough to be sure that there is some VERY LOW level support for both the long route and the short cut. This helps to ensure that the cycle can function to some degree at a very low level. I truly believe that this cycle is critical for health and wellbeing. So even tiny amounts of the required supplements to be sure that the ‘tank is not empty’ of critical nutrients is paramount to health. All in One contains these nutrients in doses that in my experience support the system without causing detox. For minimal support of all methylation cycle intermediates I have included low dose nucleotides, a TINY bit of SAMe (1/20th of a standard dose), DHA, soy free PS, 1/10th dose of 5 methyl THF and a tiny bit of folinic along with very low dose hydroxyl B12 plus intrinsic factor and a lower amount of methionine than in the previous general vitamin. Again, based on extensive testing these doses help to support the system without triggering detox problems. All in One also has VERY LOW dose lithium as this is a mineral that appears to be critical for health. The level of lithium in All in One is not sufficient to support those who have very low lithium levels on a HMT but it is enough to be sure that you at least have some, low level support of this very critical mineral. Riboflavin is in the form of a phosphate as so many have energy issues and show a lack of phosphate on mineral tests. All in One also includes low dose vanadium and chromium as those minerals that are important for blood sugar balance seem to be chronically low in so many individuals. The form of molybdenum and manganese are as citrates, which is my preferred form for these minerals rather than as amino acid chelates. It also includes low dose strontium as high level strontium excretion seems to be an issue particularly when lead and cadmium is being excreted. The level of zinc has been increased while the level of methyl donors such as curcumin have been decreased along with a decrease in taurine levels, a decrease in milk thistle and a decrease in garlic so that this All in One general vitamin can be better tolerated by all. As with the prior general vitamin the All in One has no iron, as iron drives bacterial virulence. It also has no copper as copper can compete with zinc and throw off the zinc/copper ratio. It does include carnitine, selenium, boron, inositiol, potassium, NAC, broccoli extract, citrus bioflavonoids, vitamin E,B vitamins. Vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, and pine bark to help with glutamate. All in One comes in four oxylock capsules to protect the oxygen sensitive ingredients. In addition, due to the dosing in four capsules it gives the added ability to decrease the amount of ingredients with exquisite sensitivity by starting with only a single capsule and gradually increasing the dose to four per day. While it has taken several years to get to this point, I am thrilled with this very unique and special general vitamin formula that takes into account years of test results for its formulation."

With love and hope, Dr.Amy