"Black Bear Energy spray (and drink) were designed for endurance and extreme athletes. The balance of adenosyl to hydroxyl B12 is not what I look for in terms of those on the program, but does help to supplement energy for healthy active adults.The athletes using the Black Bear spray include those training for the Olympics and the X games (see BlackBearB12.com and videos on Facebook).

But after talking with parents a past conference, I feel that many of the adults using this program for their children may truly benefit from using this energy spray. It may be helpful in providing B12 that should not trigger detox, but may help with energy and fatigue from the stress of healing your child. It also provides low dose molybdenum to help to support enzymes requiring this mineral in the body (see details of the ingredients under Energy on the BlackBearB12.com).

As I have said before, the genetics come from somewhere, which is another way of saying that you may need this support if you have a child on this program. In the past we have kept our Black Bear program for sponsored athletes as a separate entity. However, after this past conference, I see that we need to make this low cost energy spray available to the care givers on our site. Again, it is not the same as the Get B12 spray and does not replace that product for those following the autism or CFS program.  It is a different formulation of B12 designed to support athletes with energy and may be a useful, easy to use product for many of the adults on our site."

With love, hope and a hug,
Dr. Amy