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"Addressing How Important the Efficacy & Quality of Supplements are to Making Progress with the Protocol"

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Dear Discussion Group Members,

     I apologize in advance for what I know is going to be a fairly long post. I know what I am going to address does not apply to all of you, but I do ask that ALL of you read this. What I have written may be a factor for someone else you know who is using the program. Please also keep what I have to say in mind when responding to others who have posted in this chat group.

     With that being said, I have noticed a trend within the past year that has become a real problem. I am concerned with the use of supplements from various sources with unknown storage conditions and shipping conditions.

     I will jump to a key example I ran into several times this past week to illustrate the magnitude of the problem: I had several repeat Hair Metal Tests that were run about a year after the first test. Each of these tests looked worse, not better, in spite of the correct supplements being listed on the supplement sheet. In delving further, I found that although the supplements were the same brands I suggest from HHI, they were not ordered from HHI. Rather, the supplements were purchased online from outside sources.

     It is necessary to understand why this is an issue as we are using these supplements to help balance major biochemical markers in the body. I am very careful about the sources I choose, how they are stored, and how they are shipped. I also follow up to be sure they do what I expect on biochemical tests.

    Supplements for the most part are like extracts from fresh produce. Most of you are really careful about the foods you eat, where you buy them, if they are organic or not, and how they are stored. You would not purchase foods from an unknown source that buys produce and dairy in bulk, stores it in a hot warehouse for who knows how long, and then gets packed by people at random each time to be shipped the cheapest way. Supplements can go bad, they can oxidize, they can change into forms that can be a health problem, not just degrade. For instance, Gaba can turn into glutamate. Antioxidants can become oxidized so they have the opposite effect you intended. While I am actually a fan of online shopping as I live 45 minutes from the nearest Walmart and an hour and a half from the nearest mall, I would not order supplements that I am counting on for my health or my family’s health from these same sources that I would order a pair of pants from.

     These outside sources make their money by purchasing in bulk, storing in large non-temperature or non-humidity-controlled warehouses, and shipping however is the least costly to them. So, while it may seem as though these products are the same as HHI, I can guarantee that is not the case. These outside sources do not receive new shipments daily, do not store under carefully controlled conditions, and are not packed/shipped with care by the same people who have been trained to do this job with compassion at HHI for years. It literally breaks my heart to see a test one year later that looks worse than it did the prior year because the supplements used did not do what they were supposed to and may in fact have been oxidized. Please know that your health is my first priority and ask yourself is it worth the couple of dollars saved on free shipping or a slightly lower price to be worse off health wise? It is truly a case of the old adage ‘penny wise pound foolish’.

     Also, where I have felt that individual components could be combined to narrow down on the number of individual supplements, I have done so. If I have not designed a custom multicomponent supplement for a particular imbalance there is probably a reason. All In One has all of the components you need in one place to start the groundwork. It took me years of testing individual combinations on myself and my own family before I was willing to put all of those ingredients together in one capsule. I deliberately add the ingredients for Basic and Full methylation as separate entities. If I felt that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to methylation would work, then I would have done so years ago. I rarely see the ingredients of a multicomponent supplement where I do not find something I don’t like. Whether it is the inclusion of methyl B12 for everyone, or methyl folate or folinic in doses that are too high, or an ingredient as an aspartate or amino acid chelate; there are hidden issues in many of these combination supplements. Unlike the manufacturers of most of these combination supplements, I have personally looked at over 100,000 biochemical tests and close to 50,000 genetic tests. I do not have a program that types my handwriting, I literally write by hand on each and every test. When I see your file, whether you have run the SNP test I designed or another SNP test where you sent in results, I write on each nutrigenomic test by hand before I even look at one test in your file. When I say I am truly looking at each and every test and evaluating whether or not I feel a supplement is doing what I expect it to do, I literally mean exactly that. When I say I am heartbroken to see this trend where individuals are trying so hard yet not progressing due to their supplement choices, I do mean it from the bottom of my heart.

     I am working with HHI to do what I can to make sure you can decide to order supplements from the source I trust from a financial standpoint. I am working in conjunction with HHI to make some changes to be sure that the HHI supplements are competitive in price with other online sources. This is likely not going to be totally possible as HHI orders small batches and receives fresh shipments regularly. HHI also stores under controlled conditions and has the same individuals hand packing your orders who have been with the company for years. The prices of supplements that are not custom but from other labels I trust are checked on a regular basis and the prices are adjusted as needed to remain competitive with other online sources. I am also working with HHI to institute a Family Member Program to support those who invest in their own health by making an investment in their supplement plan. This is something that is still being fine-tuned, but I expect this program to be instituted in the future.

     I do what I do to try to help all of you to recover your health and that of your family. If I were only interested in finances, I would go back to private consults and charge for my time. Instead I work seven days a week, virtually every day of the year to keep up with tests and to write comments on them at no cost for my time. This offers you a unique opportunity to take advantage of the supplements I have tested and trust in order for you to make a positive difference in your health affordably.

     I did not begin by having custom supplements produced for me or specific brands ordered for me that were stored under careful conditions. I ended up needing to do this over time as it was necessary to ensure that the supplements I suggested could be counted on to achieve the results that I was expecting from these products. I have always said you do not need to purchase from HHI, and if you are improving with the use of supplements from other sources I still stand by that comment. But if you are not improving, have gotten worse, or if you are just starting the program, I am suggesting that you seriously think about getting the supplements from the source I know and trust. I am writing this post to alert you all; please think about everything I have written before placing an order from an outside source. To end on a more positive note, the counter side of this situation is also true. I get emails and test results from individuals daily who are following the program as designed where their lives are being changed in a really amazing way. Those who follow the program and use the correct products really do see wonderful results. I know that when I see such progress, that the supplements have been added as suggested based on testing and that the testing is run on a regular basis as indicated on the test follow up sheets I include. This is what I want to see for each and every one of you. I hope that you understand this long post comes from a place of caring. I want to always see positive progress on your follow up tests. I want to hear stories of success from each and every one of you. I want all of you to be able to achieve the health you are looking for.

With love, hope, and a hug for each of you,

Dr. Amy