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Melatonin Sleep™ Spray 26.5ML (.88 FL oz)

Product Review (submitted on March 16, 2011):
The melatonin spray has worked wonders for several of my patients as well as my own daughter (who is neurotypical but takes forever to fall to sleep). In fact, I recently had 3 patients provide exceptional feedback in less than a week's time, which is highly unusual for any product!

The caveat here is that melatonin is a methyl donor so as long as you or your child can tolerate methyl donors, you should respond very well to this product. Remember to start slowly, just as you would with any new supplement or medication, as a little can go a long way. In fact, my daughter tolerates methyl donors quite well, yet after just 2 sprays, she is usually asleep within 15 minutes--something unheard of in our family! I have also had very similar reports from my adult patients suffering from insomnia.

Because good, sound sleep is integral for overall health and well-being, I would recommend this product for anyone suffering from poor sleep quality, frequent night time waking, and/or insomnia.