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Melatonin Sleep™ Spray 26.5ML (.88 FL oz)

Product Review (submitted on June 17, 2011):
"Formulated by Dr. Amy Yasko, an integrative health practitioner with an alphabet soup of credentials after her name (PhD, NHD, AMD, HHP, etc.), this fantastic little spray knocked me out with two squirts for the rest of the night. I had flown home from Anaheim and was well past the point of exhaustion, having lugged around a increasingly heavy samples bag AND my breast pump for the whole day. I was so tired that I couldn’t sleep – has that ever happened to you? I reached into my satchel of goodies and out rolled the sleep spray I had picked up from the HHI booth. I did a quick squeeze-squeeze and was overcome almost IMMEDIATELY by a wave of lethargy and slept so hard that night, my own baby slapping me in the face didn’t even wake me up the next morning. Now THAT’s what I call some good ZZZs"