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DNA Nutrigenomic Test with Analysis

Product Review (submitted on June 13, 2013):
Yasko snp testing/ DNA methylation pathway was very worth it! We were super tight with money when we did the testing years back..yet I never regretted doing it. Yes, you can go to other genetic testing services and get your genes done (which I have done for rest of my family) but I want to say it doesnt compare at all!! With DNA methylation pathways you also get FREE RNA bottles, which are very expensive - so this was wonderful! Amy sends a whole outline of supplements to use, personalized! She makes it easy to understand the order of the supplements and what snos to address in what order and how to do further testing to see where you are and how to adjust supplements. Along with her book (I cannot believe it is FREE now!) it is a great way to move forward in healing! Ivy