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DNA Nutrigenomic Test with Analysis

Product Review (submitted on September 18, 2014):
My son is 18, was diagnosed with "intermittent explosive disorder" in addition to profound autism. This test has been a life-savor for our family. Took us 3 months to get the full sample (not cooperative for a pin prick), but we kept the partial samples in the fridge until we finally got enough blood to fill the 3 dime sized circles. Knowing what supplements he definitely does NOT need was huge - no more stabling in the dark guessing! Which is so risky with him! Now, a little over a year down the road I finally feel we are on the right path. Happy, gentle kid 99.8% of the time, no more beating us up & destroying the house, and he voluntarily let our family doctor take his blood pressure today! Love this test and following Dr. Amy's suggestions slowly, slowly, slowly - one small change at a time we fine tune and things are steadily improving. Been searching for years for his answers with many, many "specialists" - this was a huge piece to the puzzle!