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Phosphatidyl Serine Complex 500 mg (PS/PE/PC) 60 Softgels

Product Review (submitted on January 22, 2016):
I have had chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia-type symptoms for 15 years and have in desperation tried dozens of therapies, medicines, treatments, and supplements. As part of an experimental methylation support protocol recommended online, I tried this Phosphatidyl Serine Complex (500mg) at one softgel per day. Over the last several years I have several times tried dropping the use of this product for a few months and then restarting it, and as a result I am now convinced that it is genuinely helpful for my condition. I feel noticeably better when it is part of my daily regimen. Since even heavy prescription narcotics do not entirely control my pain it has been very valuable for me to find an OTC supplement like this that really does help. It seems to make me a little less painful, and that gives me a little more energy. I am a Ph.D. and a scientist, but not an M.D., so I do not know anything about the pharmacology here but I do know how to do systematic observation of results to the best of my ability, and I pass on my recommendation here because I have found this product to be of distinct benefit after comparing it with dozens of others of widely varying applications. This product seemed pricey at first, but for someone like me, a supplement that actually helps is a godsend and well worth the money it costs.