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GABA Balance™ 90 Capsules

Product Review (submitted on April 10, 2018):
This product is absolutely safe. What Dr Amy says about GABA purity in products out there is true. I experienced it on myself. I bought a renowned brand's GABA and the capsules started to pop out and their GABA gave me some bad effects that were frightening.
I've been taking this product for past 7 months and never had a problem.
In fact I increased the dose from 2 capsules to 4 and started to see some amazing effects: I wake up refreshed, need less sleep, swelling in my joints and tummy went down (suffer with juvenile/adult RA and IBS). There are so many great effects. Clear mind, can focus more, able to sit down and hold position, decreased hyper-activity, muscle strength (suffer with CF and ADHD).
The best effect: my sensory overload has started to diminish, inflammation reduced.