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Holistic Health no longer carries this product; instead please consider supporting with its replacement Tri-Magnesium

• Magnesium supplements from diglycinate, absorbate, & Krebs cycle bionutrients.

• “I prefer that magnesium is higher than calcium in the system[…]When the body has a particularly high burden of thallium or aluminum those metals can negatively affect the Krebs cycle & that may be another circumstance where Tri Mag should be considered for support. Magnesium serves a range of critical roles in the body I feel that magnesium is one of the key minerals to keep in balance. Magnesium helps to balance glutamate, aids in muscle flexibility, helps with constipation & menstrual cramps, is a calming herb, helps to balance calcium & can help increase melatonin release. Excess calcium works with glutamate in the system to over excite nerves to death; the use of magnesium to balance that calcium can be very helpful. Under conditions of stress, magnesium may be replaced by calcium if insufficient magnesium is present, causing tightness in muscles. Remember that calcium & magnesium compete with each other for transport into the body, another reason to be sure you have more magnesium in your supplement regime than calcium. Because it is such a critical mineral I like to have a range of supports containing magnesium as options to consider including, magnesium citrate, magnesium chloride, magnesium krebs, magnesium malate, magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfate and Tri-mag. Each of these types of magnesium offer unique advantages & a combination of several forms of magnesium support can be considered based on the properties of each form of magnesium, ” ~ Dr. Amy

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