Dr. Amy’s Health Companion is a FREE user friendly, personalized client portal to help support your journey to better health and wellness.

Within this secure system, you can access your Client History Form, Supplement List, Test Results, and more!

This wonderful system will help to organize your important information for years to come, saving all files within our client portal for you to access and reference easily. For example, we understand that over time your Supplement List and Client History Form will probably change. All old versions will not be deleted and within these interactive formats you will be able to easily revise a previous Supplement List, update Client History Form details, or start fresh for each. In addition, Test Results (with or without Dr. Amy’s feedback) will also live within Your Health Companion forever. As a result, you no longer need to print our Test Results to keep for future referencing.

If you have multiple family members utilizing The Yasko Protocol, register using the same email address with different usernames. Parents, please note if you are running a test for your child: the portal username should be setup under your child's name and date of birth versus your name. Please click ‘New Client Registration’ to register within the portal; your username and password will not automatically transfer over. If you sent a test into the lab and your results arrived prior to registering within our new client portal, Dr. Amy's Assistant may have initiated Your Health Companion account to upload your test results. If a box appears that states you are already a client within the portal, simply click "Forgot Password" to complete your account. You will receive an email to setup your password and then you will be able to log into Your Health Companion. The email you used to purchase your test kit on will receive the password updates. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email Dr. Amy's Assistant to or call the office.

Please view this brief video of our new client portal. For a more detailed video that demonstrates this system, log into to view the “How To Navigate My Health Companion" video.