DNA Nutrigenomic Test with Analysis

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DNA Nutrigenomic Test with Analysis
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  • Now offered as a Buccal Swab Test, for more info view description below

  • For collection instructions, click HERE

  • Also referred "DNA Methylation Pathway with Methylation Pathway Analysis (MPA)"

  • To read Dr. Amy's FREE online book about Nutrigenomics, click HERE 

30 SNP Test with Analysis

The methylation cycle is the ideal pathway to focus on for nutrigenomic analysis because the proper function of this pathway is essential for a number of critical reactions in the body. Nutrigenomics integrates concepts in molecular biology and genomics to study the ability of foods and nutritional supplements and how these may assist in maintaining overall health and wellness. 

Sorry, this test is not available to residents of New York; any orders and/or samples originating from the state of New York will automatically be cancelled. Residents of Maryland are prohibited from ordering directly and will need to have their healthcare practitioner order the test on their behalf.



 "DDI now offers a Buccal Swab Test for DNA samples in lieu of the DNA Blood Test. In the past, I had been reticent about buccal testing as it had not proven as effective as blood. However, the science has improved dramatically over time and after DDI's extensive side by side testing, I am very satisfied with the results. Any concerns I may have had with buccal testing are now left in the past. The added advantage of buccal testing is that it generates more DNA than the finger prick blood samples which, in turn, affords the lab the ability to run tests multiple times on the same sample if necessary. Furthermore, I am so very pleased that we can now offer buccal samples to better accommodate when running a finger prick test can be a problem (particularly for those with Autism)," Dr. Amy Yasko

According to the National Center of Excellence in Nutritional Genomics at UC Davis, "The science of nutrigenomics seeks to provide a molecular understanding of how common dietary chemicals (i.e., nutrition) affect health by altering the expression and/or structure of an individual's genetic makeup... by understanding our nutritional needs, our nutritional status and our genotype, nutrigenomics should enable individuals to manage better their health and well being by precisely matching their diets with their unique genetic makeup."

SNPs Tested:

  • ACAT 1-02
  • AHCY 1
  • AHCY 2
  • AHCY 19
  • BHMT 1
  • BHMT 2
  • BHMT 4
  • BHMT 8
  • CBS A360A
  • CBS C699T
  • CBS N212N
  • COMT 61
  • COMT H62H
  • COMT V158M
  • MAO A R297R
  • MTHFR C677T
  • MTHFR A1298C
  • MTHFR 3
  • MTR A2756G
  • MTRR A66G
  • MTRR H595Y
  • MTRR K350A
  • MTRR R415T
  • MTRR S257T
  • MTRR 11
  • NOS D298E
  • SHMT C1420
  • SUOX S370S
  • VDR Fok
  • VDR Taq

This test is not available to residents of New York; any orders and/or samples originating from the state of New York will automatically be cancelled.

Residents of Maryland are prohibited from ordering directly and will need to have their healthcare practitioner order the test on their behalf.


This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

detailed analysis
I noticed this one comes with a detailed analysis, so I can start my supplementation right away. Other tests I looked at didnt offer anything comparable. Just sent in my sample- cant wait to see the results and get started!!!
Review by Carrie / (Posted on 3/30/2016)
My son is 18, was diagnosed with "intermittent explosive disorder" in addition to profound autism. This test has been a life-savor for our family. Took us 3 months to get the full sample (not cooperative for a pin prick), but we kept the partial samples in the fridge until we finally got enough blood to fill the 3 dime sized circles. Knowing what supplements he definitely does NOT need was huge - no more stabling in the dark guessing! Which is so risky with him! Now, a little over a year down the road I finally feel we are on the right path. Happy, gentle kid 99.8% of the time, no more beating us up & destroying the house, and he voluntarily let our family doctor take his blood pressure today! Love this test and following Dr. Amy's suggestions slowly, slowly, slowly - one small change at a time we fine tune and things are steadily improving. Been searching for years for his answers with many, many "specialists" - this was a huge piece to the puzzle!
Review by Tara / (Posted on 9/18/2014)
very helpful in moving forward in health
Yasko snp testing/ DNA methylation pathway was very worth it! We were super tight with money when we did the testing years back..yet I never regretted doing it. Yes, you can go to other genetic testing services and get your genes done (which I have done for rest of my family) but I want to say it doesnt compare at all!! With DNA methylation pathways you also get FREE RNA bottles, which are very expensive - so this was wonderful! Amy sends a whole outline of supplements to use, personalized! She makes it easy to understand the order of the supplements and what snos to address in what order and how to do further testing to see where you are and how to adjust supplements. Along with her book (I cannot believe it is FREE now!) it is a great way to move forward in healing! Ivy
Review by jellygreenivy / (Posted on 6/13/2013)
Answers at last
This test has been a real blessing. It has given me answers which I otherwise would never have been able to get. Also gives me the means to be able to address certain health issues. Lifted a weight off my shoulders to finally have answers/solutions, instead of trying to work in the dark.
Review by Gerrys Mom / (Posted on 1/24/2013)
Excellent Tool
So grateful for the the Yasko Protocol. Its been my saving grace. This stuff should be front page worldwide news.
Review by Awoken_2_Oneness / (Posted on 1/24/2013)
We spent many thousands of dollars on Dr. who knew nothing about autism spec. disorders. And many thousands of dollars on a few who did know a lot about ASD. Some of what they said helped but it still was not a complete picture! One nutritional analysis said my son needed folate and when we gave it to him his behavior got worse. When we received the results of this test we found out he can't process folate. This test has saved my son from getting kicked out of school. Now that we know the proper supplements to give him his behavior is much better and he is succeeding in school. This test is also saving us money because we are not wasting money on unnecessary supplements and miracle cures that hit the market. I wish I had bite the bullet and spent the money for this test YEARS AGO!
Review by Michael / (Posted on 1/24/2013)