Language + Cognition I .8 oz (24ml)

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• Support for nutritional pathways that may be an aid for verbal communication & cognition

• A Series of New Nucleotide Blends: Language + Cognition

• View the product description for some key points from Dr. Amy


  • Support for nutritional pathways that may be an aid for verbal communication & cognition
  • Liquid Nucleotide Blend .8 oz (24ML)
  • This nucleotide blend is also a great option for those who do not like to swallow capsules or have digestive issues; specially formulated for increased oral absorption.
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  • As always, consult with your health care professional.
A Series of New Nucleotide Blends: Language + Cognition 
A Note from Dr. Amy:
For years I have continued to work on supports that help to encourage and promote verbal spoken language for those who struggle with this aspect of health. In my continuing effort to work on this area of health, there are some additional supports that will soon be available. 
I would like to touch on a few key points about these products: 
1: Just as autism represents an entire spectrum, issues with verbal language can be just as varied and diverse. Some have no spoken language at all, others can repeat short segments but that is all, still others may utter sounds but no words or single words but no sentences. What nutritional support may benefit one individual may not be a help for another. We are all unique, we all deserve to be treated as individuals with individual needs, not with a one size fits all approach.
2: I feel that the names of these products have gotten confusing, as such I wanted to take a few moments to explain some changes for the future when it comes to labeling these specific products: 
All of the new language and cognitive support nucleotide blends will be named with the designation base title of "Language + Cognition" with a corresponding number of "I, II, III, IV" and so forth (example: Language + Cognition I). Also, all of the previous language and cognitive support nucleotide blends will eventually be renamed as such for consistency purposes. 
I would like to emphasize that there is no particular order in which to add these nucleotide blends. While Language + Cognition I and Language + Cognition II may work best for one individual, it may be that Language + Cognition III alone or Language + Cognition IV work best for someone else. 
3: I am in the midst of working on possible blends for Language + Cognitive VI, VII, and VIII but I will need to see which of those samples make the final selection process.
As I have said many times before, I am committed to helping those who still struggle with verbal language; I hope this focus on additional supports that can be tailored to personal needs will be the final piece needed to achieve better health for all.
With Love, Hope, & a Hug
~ Dr. Amy 
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