Feel Good about your SNPs (Book)

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Feel Good about your SNPs (Book)
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• Dr. Amy recommends reading her Feel Good Nutrigenomics book as a prerequisite to Feel Good About Your SNPs
• The impact SNPs have on your Methylation Cycle & why they matter
• The relationship between SNPs & Autism
• Recommendations by Dr. Amy for how to optimize your Methylation Cycle to live a more balanced life
• See description below for further details


The Methylation Cycle & Your SNPs: A Note from Dr. Amy

The Methylation Cycle is a pathway that is directly related to a range of health conditions. This is a pathway that, in my opinion, is the key pathway to health. The Methylation Cycle is critical for survival*, leading to potential health issues if this pathway cannot function or is severely compromised. 

The Yasko Protocol considers overall observations about The Methylation Pathway in addition to looking at specific SNPs, which can give a sense of some of the larger issues to consider in terms of the pathway as a whole. When considering support for imbalances in The Methylation Cycle (called SNPs), the goal is to look at the composite of SNPs and how they impact the function of The Methylation Cycle. Thus, making overall observations about the pathway in addition to looking at specific SNPs can give a sense of some of the larger issues to consider in terms of the pathway as a whole.

I have always felt that it is important for anyone on the Autism spectrum to focus on The Methylation Cycle. In addition, family members should realize that those genetic susceptibilities are inherited, meaning that you may carry that same genetic pool of information. As a result, it is also important for family members to think about their own Methylation Cycle. 

In spite of one or more serious imbalances in the pathway, an individual’s unique combination of SNPs can be viewed as the body’s effort to have The Methylation Cycle function. When more significant/serious SNPs are present, additional SNPs may help to compensate and ensure The Methylation Cycle flows properly or that problematic compounds do not build up in the pathway. While this may seem counterintuitive, having additional SNPs actually may help to normalize the pathway when it is compromised by a more significant SNP. Furthermore, this should help to allay fears for those with multiple SNPs in The Methylation Cycle, knowing that more SNPs is not necessarily cause for alarm.

To learn more about your SNPs, please read my new book: Feel Good About Your SNPs

You are also welcome to view my virtual presentation that will be available via www.DrAmyYasko.com under "Feel Good Seminars" within the "Getting Started" page. This talk will go hand in hand with Feel Good About Your SNPs and focuses on the importance of The Methylation Cycle and your SNPs. I plan to complete this virtual presentation with the goal of releasing this information to you all before the end of 2020.

With Love & Hope for Better Health Always, Dr. Amy


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