Cal-Mag Caps 90 Veg Capsules "CAL/MAG/VITD/VITK"

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• Contains NO Gluten

• With D-3, K-2 & Boron

• Contains NO Sugar, Salt, Dairy, Yeast, Wheat, or Corn

• Contains NO Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Flavors

• See product description for further details

• To learn more about this & other products, read Dr. Amy’s book:

• The citrate forms of calcium & magnesium used in this supplement are water soluble & highly bioavailable. Vitamins D-3 & K-2 have been added because they are integral to calcium absorption bone formation. Boron is a trace mineral that supports calcium & magnesium retention.

• “The best calcium supplements contain calcium, magnesium, vitamin D & vitamin K. Vitamins D & K help to bind & mobilize calcium & magnesium helps to balance calcium. Based on my expertise with neurological inflammation, large doses of calcium can actually be detrimental to the body. All the calcium in the world will not get to where it is needed in the body without sufficient vitamin D & vitamin K. Many people who believe they are calcium deficient are actually low in the fat-soluble vitamins D & K. As we age, our ability to break down fats & assimilate these vitamins may decrease,” ~ Dr. Amy

• To learn more about this & other products, read Dr. Amy’s book:

• As always, consult with your health care professional.

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