All in One™ Multi-Vitamin / Mineral 120 Capsules

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• General vitamin personally designed by Dr. Amy

• Help support your MTHFR & Methylation Cycle

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• This general vitamin is unlike anything else available as it was designed by Dr. Amy personally, based on her knowledge & information acquired from looking at tens of thousands of Nutrigenomic & Biochemical tests. It literally took Dr. Amy over a decade to finalize the All In One formula. This general vitamin contains no copper or iron, there are higher levels of magnesium relative to calcium, it contains a range of much needed minerals (including smaller serving sizes of lithium to help with B12 transport), a range of antioxidants, a number of herbs to help maintain a balance of higher GABA levels relative to glutamate, & the ideal forms of each of the B vitamins. All In One has the nutrients needed to support the Methylation Cycle, including 5 methyl THF, hydroxyl B12, & lithium & intrinsic factor to help with B12 transport.

• “My family takes All in One daily, & it is something that I would suggest to everyone as a supplement to lay the nutritional groundwork for healthy Methylation support, minerals, & glutamate/gaba balance in your system,” ~ Dr. Amy

• Dietary Supplement

• 120 Capsules

• Quality & freshness guarantees a superior product. We use only the best ingredients in the formulation of our supplements. Preferred by many who are chemical sensitive & wish to avoid side effects from fillers and excipients commonly used in most other products on the market today.

• To learn more about this & other products, read Dr. Amy’s book:

• As always, consult with your health care professional.


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