GSH Caps 100 Capsules

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• Nutritional Supplement

• Digestive Health

• No Fillers, Preservatives or Excipients

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• Glutathione GSH is a critical component of the gut lining. Found naturally in every cell, it is the guts master antioxidant & arguably the most potent barrier against disease, toxin, & mutation. GSH Caps is specifically engineered for enhanced gut absorption using ultra purity grade reduced L-Glutathione. It is not degraded in the stomach, passing through to the gut fully intact & actively potent. Intended primarily for oral use. GSH Caps is also ideally suited for enemas by breaking open the capsule & dissolving content into solution.

• “…I like these two glutathione capsules…as they are ‘reduced’ glutathione which is the form you want glutathione to be; you do not want to use oxidized glutathione. These particular sources of glutathione are specially prepared so that it is the reduced form of glutathione, in other words a source of glutathione that has not been negatively affected by oxygen/air[…]” ~ Dr. Amy

• To learn more about this & other products, read Dr. Amy’s book:

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